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Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files of information that our website stores in your web browser when you visit our site.

We use cookies to help us improve our website, by telling us, for example, what pages people spend the most time on, or how many people view the site on a mobile phone or desktop computer.

Some cookies we use are essential for our website to function correctly, but for all non-essential cookies you can choose whether you want us to use them or not.

How to control your cookie preferences

When you visit www.darkoxfordshire.co.uk for the first time a popup banner will prompt you to either accept all cookies, or edit your cookie preferences to restrict how the website will use cookies. We will remember your choices for one year, after which time the popup will reappear asking you to again confirm your cookie preferences.

You can also edit your cookie preferences via the settings in your web browser. This allows you to delete individual cookies, or delete all cookies to start from scratch. This Lifewire article explains how to delete cookies in every major web browser.

The cookies we use fall into three categories:

Strictly necessary

These cookies are required in order for the website to function. For example, we use a cookie to record what cookie consent preferences so that we don't have to ask you for your preferences every time you visit!


These cookies add functionality to the website by recording your choices. For example, cookies are used to assist in how the interactive map on the homepage works.

Tracking and Performance

These cookies are used to record anonymous data about how you use the website which allows us to monitor how the website is being used, for example how many users visit a particular page or how many pages the average visit looks at per visit. This information really helps us understand how users interact with the website and allows us to make improvements that will benefit our users.

We use Google Analytics, the industry-standard web analytics tool for this.

Targeting and advertising

We currently don't have any form or advertising on our website, but we have included the option to opt in or out of targeted advertising in case we chose to include it in future.