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Exploring the darker side of Oxfordshire's history, including ghosts, legends, murders and mayhem!

The Devil's Punchbowl, map circa 1913

Folklore & Legends

The Devil's Punchbowl, Childrey

25 October 2023

Childrey Parish, Vale of the White Horse

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A map showing the Devil's Churchyard, 1912

Folklore & Legends

The Devil's Churchyard at Checkendon

22 October 2023

Woodland Northeast of Checkendon, South Oxfordshire

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Woodcut of the Devil

7 tales of the Devil in Oxfordshire

31 October 2023

The Devil's hoofprints can be found all over Oxfordshire folklore. Here's 7 times the Devil caused mischief and mayhem in this very county.

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Lightning strike

7 Times Lightning Killed in Oxfordshire

25 July 2023

Here are seven times that the terrible powers of nature ended lives in Oxfordshire. Stay safe out there people...

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St Margaret's Well, Binsey

7 holy wells and healing springs in Oxfordshire

4 July 2023

In the days before modern medicine, people relied on the holy (and sometimes magical) powers of natural wells and springs to cure their ailments. Here are seven of Oxfordshire's finest.

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