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Lists, glorious lists!

All the strangest, spookiest, grizzliest and most fascinating things about Oxfordshire, summarised in that most digestible of formats, the humble list.

7 Haunting Christmas Tales from Oxfordshire

Christmas has always been a time for sharing stories. Winter is a dark time of year, so it follows that these tales are often dark in nature. Some feature disaster and tragedy, in others ghosts and magic abound. Some of these are true stories, bringing warnings from the past, or tidings of hope for the future. Sometimes they are tall tales that grow taller in the retelling! Here are 7 of my favourite Oxfordshire Christmas tales, perfect for telling around the fire this festive season.

7 tales of the Devil in Oxfordshire

The Devil has been extremely busy in Oxfordshire over the years. From building stone circles to tampering with churches, waylaying lonely travellers and even getting people hanged for treason! Here are 7 times the Devil got up to mischief in Oxfordshire, according to folklore.

7 Times Lightning Killed in Oxfordshire

It's easy to see why our ancestors feared a thunderstorm. Why did lightning strike one person but not another? Without short or long range weather forecasts, the violence and destruction caused by a sudden thunderstorm could seem like an act of judgement. Here are seven times that the terrible powers of nature ended lives in Oxfordshire. Stay safe out there people...

7 holy wells and healing springs in Oxfordshire

Well, well, well, what have we here? In the days before we could go to our local GP for a prescription, the healing properties of natural water were depended on as a cure-all for many maladys, and in Oxfordshire, you were never far from a well with the ability to treat what ailed you. Here are seven of the top healing wells and holy springs in Oxfordshire.

7 Tales of Oxfordshire Highwaymen

During the 17th and 18th centuries, travelling on Oxfordshire's roads could be a hazardous undertaking. With no formal force to police the county's roads, travellers were fair game for highway robbers who lay in wait in isolated spots, poised and ready to relieve passers-by of their valuables. Here are 7 tales of notorious highwaymen who struck fear into the hearts of Oxfordshire travellers.

8 English Civil War ghosts in Oxfordshire

The English Civil War casts a long shadow across Oxfordshire. With Oxford claimed as a Royalist stronghold, the conflict divided communities and even families across the county. With so much blood being spilled on Oxfordshire soil, it's unsurprising that so many tales of ghosts and hauntings from across the county are associated with the Civil War. Here are seven of my favourites.

7 best standing stones and stone circles in Oxfordshire

The standing stones and ancient monoliths that dot the British Isles are some of the most enigmatic and awe-inspiring reminders we have of our ancient past, and Oxfordshire in particularly rich in them. Here are 7 standing stones and monoliths that you can visit in Oxfordshire today.