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Brasenose college entrance

Brasenose Hellfire Club: A Devilish Encounter

7 July 2024

Brasenose Lane, Oxford

If legend speaks true, certain young libertines of Brasenose College got more than they bargained for when they tried to summon the Devil!

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Ditchley Park

Ghosts of Ditchley Park, Enstone

29 May 2024

Ditchley Park, Enstone

Deadman's Riding? Grim's Ditch? The Devil's Pool? Surrounded by so many sinister names, it's no wonder that Ditchley Park near Enstone has a dark side to its reputation.

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Montage of St. Mary's Church, North Leigh, with an illustration of the Devil looming over the skyline.

The Devil's Nutting Day at North Leigh

27 February 2024

North Leigh, West Oxfordshire

If local folklore is to be believed, the Devil himself is a surprisingly regular visitor to this West Oxfordshire village.

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The Bear pub, Oxford

The Controversial History of The Bear, Oxford

21 February 2024

6 Alfred Street, Oxford

The Bear has been dining out on its reputation as Oxford's oldest pub for centuries. Has it been stretching the truth for all these years?

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Horspath primary school

Haunted Horspath: A Ghostly Schoolroom Encounter

7 February 2024

3 Blenheim Rd, Horspath

In late 1873, a haunting at a Horspath school terrified teachers perplexed clergymen.

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An old map showing Black Jack's Spring, at Sparsholt

Black Jack's Well: Sparsholt's healing spring

5 February 2024

Sparsholt Park, Sparsholt

Black Jack's Well in Sparsholt is a natural spring said to have miraculous healing properties.

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A view of a valley shrouded in mist.

The Black Cloud of Terror near Burford

4 February 2024

Burford to Minster Lovell Road

Does a black supernatural cloud haunt the roads between Burford and Minster Lovell, waiting to strike fear into the hearts of motorists?

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Charney Manor

The Ghostly Monks of Charney Manor

13 December 2023

Charney Manor, Charney Bassett

The picturesque 13th-century manor house at Charney Bassett was once a grange for Abingdon Abbey, and it seems that some of its former monastic residents still haunt the corridors.

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Map showing Gansdown (or Gangsdown) Hill

The Unsolved Murder of Richard Green

8 December 2023

A7074, Gansdown Hill

Richard Green was violently murdered one December night, yet his loyal horse still managed to deliver him home by morning.

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St. Peter and St. Paul's Church, Swalcliffe

Death in the Belfry: The Swalcliffe Church Tragedy

7 December 2023

St. Peter & Paul Church, B4035, Swalcliffe, Banbury

In 1885, the belfry at St. Peter & Paul Church, Swalcliffe near Banbury was the scene of one of the strangest deaths in Oxfordshire's history.

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