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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some common questions we get.

Not found the answer you are looking for? Email us at darkoxfordshire@gmail.com!

Who made this website?

That would be me, Will Ross! I have lived in Oxfordshire most of my life and have always been fascinated by its rich history, particularly the dark, strange and grisly bits!

If you are interested in classic supernatural fiction you might also be interested in another project of mine, A Podcast to the Curious, a podcast dedicated to the master of the English ghost story M.R. James.

How do you chose which locations and stories to feature?

Good question! The main criteria I have for which items to include are as follows:

  • Are related to an identifiable location within the bounds of the modern county of Oxfordshire.
  • The website is ostensibly about the history of the county, and exactly where 'history' starts is a bit of a contentious one, so I'm treating 1950 as a rough rule of thumb!
  • Are in some way strange, spooky, gruesome, or in other ways 'dark'.

If you have any suggestions for possible locations or topics to include, please get in touch!

How can I suggest a location/topic for the website to include?

You can email me at darkoxfordshire@gmail.com.

Please bear in mind that the website mostly covers things from pre-1950, and it helps if you can include a web link or book reference where I can find more information.

How often is the website updated?

As of 2022, I try to add new content to the website every week.

If you want to keep informed whenever new content is published, why not follow us on Twitter?

How can I support Dark Oxfordshire?

The website contains no advertising and is funded entirely through donations.

If you want to help support Dark Oxfordshire by contributing towards my website hosting costs, you can send me a donation via Paypal.