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A vintage postcard of the Langston Arms Hotel

A vintage postcard of the Langston Arms Hotel

Haunted Langston Arms Hotel at Kingham

25 February 2021 (Updated 16 January 2023)

The Langston Arms Hotel was originally built in the 1870s as a hunting lodge for Henry Reynolds-Moreton, Third Earl of Ducie.

Ghosts of the Langston Arms

In the 1960's the hotel was reported to be haunted by the apparition of a 'luminous Victorian figure' who would glide through the hotel once every 10 days. This 'phantom lady' was thought to be a nun, and her appearances were accompanied by coughing noises and shuffling footsteps.

According to Peter Long in Curious Oxfordshire, the ghost appeared an astonishing thirty-eight times during 1964, so regularly that 'the staff took her for granted and hardly glanced up from their work when she appeared'!

Apparently an exorcism was attempted in 1965, but the priest summoned to perform it concluded that the spirit was benign and should be allowed to go about its business unmolested by bell, book and candle.

Langston Arms map

A map showing the Langston Arms, circa 1898.

In the 1970's a more alarming supernatural presence was reportedly troubling the customers and staff of the Langston Arms. While the 'phantom lady' of the previous decade had been benevolent, this apparition was decidedly the opposite. It was described as a dark shape that exuded such a sense of fear and depression that it left one barman white and shaking!

What became of this second, more alarming haunting is not recorded, but eventually the Langston Arms stopped trading as an inn and the building is now a nursing home.


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