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The Bull Inn, Henley-on-Thames

Cowled Figure at the Bull Inn, Henley-on-Thames

26 February 2021

The Bull Inn, Bell Street, Henley-on-Thames

Guests have reported being woken by the figure of a cowled woman leaning over their bed when staying at this 16th century inn.

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The Crown Inn, Pishall

Sticky End of Father Dominique at Pishall

26 February 2021

The Crown Inn, Pishill, Henley-on-Thames

The ghost of a catholic priest who may have been seduced by a beautiful young woman is one of the ghosts said to haunt the The Crown Inn at Pishall.

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The Bear Hotel, Woodstock

The Ghost of Room 16 at the Bear Hotel, Woodstock

26 February 2021

The Bear Hotel, Park Street, Woodstock

The Bear Hotel is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a workman who died falling from the roof 300 years ago. Do you dare sleep in room 16?

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The Birdcage Inn, Thame

Haunting at the Birdcage Inn, Thame

25 February 2021

The Birdcage Inn, Cornmarket Street, Thame

Ghostly footsteps heard at the Birdcage Inn are believed to be those of a leper who was stoned to death at the property, or those of a French soldier who was kept prisoner in the cellar during the Napoleonic wars.

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