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The Birdcage Inn, Thame.

The Birdcage Inn, Thame.

Photo: Google Street View

Haunting at the Birdcage Inn

A number of supernatural experiences have been reported at the historic Birdcage Inn, many centring around the sound of unexplained nocturnal footsteps.

Two cameramen filming a documentary about the town are said to have heard footsteps on the landing at 2am and witnessed 'a sort of cold mist' drifting out of their bedroom.

Apparently, there are also unexplained movements of the till whenever the hauntings are discussed in the bar.

There are theories that the footsteps could be those of a leper who was stoned to death at the property, or those of a French soldier who was kept prisoner in the cellar during the Napoleonic wars.


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The Birdcage Inn, Cornmarket Street, Thame

Region: South Oxfordshire

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