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Plaque outside Kenton Theatre, Henley

Plaque outside Kenton Theatre, Henley

Photo: Dcs57, CC BY-SA 4.0

A Poltergeist at the Kenton Theatre, Henley-on-Thames

26 February 2021 (Updated 20 September 2022)

The two hundred year-old Kenton Theatre is reported to have experienced poltergeist activity, including mirrors being smashed, doors opening and closing, lights being turned on or off and other items breaking.

The ghost of Mary Blandy

Some people associate these supernatural occurrences with Henley-on-Thames's most notorious former resident, the murderer Mary Blandy, who was hanged in 1752 for killing her father by arsenic poisoning.

In 1969, a play based on the murder was performed at the Kenton Theatre, and participants reported seeing Mary Blandy's ghost in the auditorium during the rehearsals.