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Pudlicote Lane, near Chipping Norton

Pudlicote Lane, near Chipping Norton

Photo: Brian Robert Marshall via Wikimedia Commons

A White Lady and Hidden Treasure at Pudlicote

29 March 2021 (Updated 20 September 2022)

In his book Ghosts and Witches of the Cotswolds J.A. Brooks mentions a legend local to the hamlet of Pudlicote.

Gran's hidden treasure

According to the legend, an old lady known as 'Gran' was said to live in a nearby quarry. Despite her unconventional accommodation and reclusive habits, she was believed to have been in possession of a hoard of gold sovereigns that she had hidden somewhere in the quarry.

Brooks doesn't record what became of Gran, but says that her ghost is thought to still haunt a road junction near the site of the old quarry in the form of a 'white lady'.


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