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Kettell Hall, Trinity College

Kettell Hall, Trinity College

Photo: Camboxer, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ghostly Twins at Trinity College

9 April 2021 (Updated 8 September 2021)

According to a report from 1948, Trinity College is haunted by the ghost of two twins, both former students at the college.

Two ghostly figures

In his book, Oxfordshire Ghost Stories Richard Holland recounts a tale told by a student who claimed to have encountered two ghostly figures floating through Kettell Hall, one of the oldest buildings of the college.

The apparitions were two very similar-looking men aged about sixty and clothed in clerical collars. Only the top halves of their bodies were visible!

After researching college history the student came to the conclusion that he had encountered the ghosts of two twins and former students of the college, Noel and Christopher Chavasse.

The ghost of a living man?

Curiously though, Christopher had died in the First World War aged 30 and Noel was still alive and aged sixty-four at the time the student met them.

This means that if the student's theory was correct he had seen the ghost of one man who had apparently aged 30 years since his death, and another man who was actually still alive!

The ghostly twins had apparently been seen around Kettell Hall on a number of occasions dating back 20 years, which perhaps suggests further that the student may have been a bit off in his identification.