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The George Hotel, Wallingford

The George Hotel, Wallingford

Photo: Sue McArdle (https://britishlistedbuildings.co.uk)

Ghosts of the Tear Drop Room

The George Hotel is a 16th-century coaching inn that has a number of tales associated with it.

A civil war suicide

The ghost of a 'sad woman' is said to haunt room 3, also known as the 'Tear Drop Room' on account of the teardrop-shaped patterns on the room's wallpaper.

According to local legend, the ghost is of a 17th-century woman who took her own life by hanging in the room after hearing of the death of her lover, a Royalist soldier names John Robson, in a bar-room brawl.

Two phantom children have also been reported standing by the washbasin in another of the rooms.

Dick Turpin's getaway

The hotel also boasts a connection with the famous highwayman Dick Turpin.

Turpin is supposed to have regularly stayed at the inn and have once evaded capture by the authorities by jumping from the window of his room onto the back of his steed Black Bess in the courtyard below!

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The George Hotel, High Street, Wallingford

Region: South Oxfordshire

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