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Rear of the Old Vicarage, Deddington.

Rear of the Old Vicarage, Deddington.

Haunted Deddington Vicarage

25 February 2021 (Updated 8 September 2021)

The Old Vicarage is said to be haunted by the ghost of Revd Maurice Frost, who was vicar of Deddington from 1924 until his death in 1962.

The ghost of Reverend Maurice Frost

Frost's ghost is said to not like visitors, and disturbs guests' beds and tampers with their clocks.

J.A. Brooks records that the Revd Frost was a keen collector of both books and antique clocks. Apparently, until all his books and clocks were removed from the house after his death, the books would move about the house by themselves, and the clocks would wind themselves!

Another reported ghost at the vicarage is that of a ladies maid who is never seen but will comb your hair if you sit in a specific chair!

More details of this haunting can be found at mysteriousbritain.co.uk


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