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Wadham College, Oxford.

Wadham College, Oxford.

Photo: Saabie, via Wikimedia Commons

Ghostly Monks at Wadham College

23 March 2021 (Updated 8 September 2021)

The gardens at Wadham College stand on the site of an Augustinian Priory. This likely accounts for the sightings of ghostly monks that have long been reported in the college grounds.

White-cowled figures

The ghosts, often described as tall, white-cowled figures, have been seen standing by the fireplace in the hall and walking between the hall and the chapel.

In Oxfordshire Ghost Stories Richard Holland recounts the experiences of the college's Head Porters, interviewed in the 1960s, who encountered the ghost near the chapel while on one of his regular night patrols.

He described the ghost as wearing a 'black or brown baggy coat, right down to the ground and a hood covering the whole of his face and head'.

Inexplicable occurrences

The same porter also reported other inexplicable occurrences. Poundings or kickings at the college gate were heard when nobody was there.

People working in the Porter's Lodge reported experiencing the strange sensation of being pressed down upon from above to the point that it became difficult to breathe. This sensation would pass as quickly as it arrived.


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