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Charney Manor

The Ghostly Monks of Charney Manor

13 December 2023

Charney Manor, Charney Bassett

The picturesque 13th-century manor house at Charney Bassett was once a grange for Abingdon Abbey, and it seems that some of its former monastic residents still haunt the corridors.

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Chequers Inn, Oxford

Ghosts, Giants and Beasts of the Chequers Inn, Oxford

17 February 2023

The Chequers, 131 High Street, Oxford

The Chequers dates back over eight centuries and boasts a strange history, including strange animals, giants, secret tunnels and ghostly monks!

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The Prebendal House, Thame

Ghosts and Secret Tunnels at The Predendal, Thame

19 April 2022

Priest End, Thame

The house referred to as Prebendal House, or just 'The Prebendal', has a reputation in Thame as a place of mystery and intrigue.

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Wadham College

Ghostly Monks at Wadham College

23 March 2021

Wadham College, Park Road, Oxford

Wadham College stands on the site of an Augustinian Priory. Sightings of ghostly monks have long been reported in the college grounds.

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Weston Manor House

Mysterious Maude of the Manor at Weston on the Green

3 March 2021

The Manor Country House Hotel, Weston on the Green

The ghost of a nun known as Maude is said to haunt 'The Oak Room' at Weston Manor House, the property now known as The Manor Country House Hotel.

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Haunted Burford Priory

26 February 2021

Burford Priory, Priory Lane, Burford

Burford Priory dates back to the 13th century, and its ghostly apparitions include an old-fashioned gamekeeper and a brown monk.

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Ghostly Monks, Underground Passages and Skinned Shepherds at Bruern Abbey

25 February 2021

Bruern Abbey, Bruern, Oxfordshire

An underground passage is said to lead from Bruern Abbey to a hall four miles away, the route of which is traced on the surface by a ghostly monk.

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