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Road leading to Hilltop Garden Centre, near Ramsden

Road leading to Hilltop Garden Centre, near Ramsden

Ghostly White Stallion near Ramsden

30 September 2021

In his book Oxfordshire Ghosts, Joe Robinson reports that the ghost of a white stallion has been seen on roads close to Ramsden and Finstock.

Recent sightings

This equine apparition has apparently been witnessed as recently as the 1990s, most commonly in the region of the turning to Hilltop Garden Centre. This area was once known as Ramsden Heath and has seen human habitation for many centuries, as demonstrated by the Roman coins found nearby in 1850.

On one occasion the phantom was seen turning out of the garden centre road and galloping up the hill towards Finstock before vanishing. On another occasion, the reverse was reported, with the white horse being seen coming down the hill from the direction of Finstock and vanishing close to the garden centre turning.

Connections with other local hauntings

Joe Robinson speculates whether the spectral sightings could be connected with another nearby haunting, that of the phantom coach and horses said to ride between Charlbury and Finstock. If you follow the road taken by the phantom horse to the northeast you will join the route said to be taken by the phantom coach!


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