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Holton Park, with Holton Park House in the background

Holton Park, with Holton Park House in the background

Photo: Christian Guthier, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Ghosts of Holton Park, Wheatley

5 May 2021 (Updated 20 September 2022)

A manor house has stood at Holton Park since the 14th century, but the current house is much more recent, having been completed in 1815.

Some say the older house was pulled down because it was too haunted to be inhabited!

The new house seems to have inherited some of its spooks from the previous house, but also claims some more modern hauntings of its own.

The boy in blue

The old house's ghost is said to be that of a young boy who was heir to the estate before he was murdered by this guardian and governess.

He is seen as a young boy wearing blue who runs down the main staircase at great speed.

A dreadful accident

The more recent ghost is said to be of an unfortunate nanny who tripped on the stairs while carrying the family's baby.

She survived the fall but the baby did not, and the nanny was not able to forgive herself for the accident.

It isn't recorded how the nanny met her end. Perhaps she took her own life in a fit of remorse?


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