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Map of Barton Park circa 1922

Map of Barton Park circa 1922

Photo: Via oldmapsonline.org

Hoar Stones and Burial Mounds at Barton Park

4 June 2021 (Updated 2 January 2024)

In the grounds of Barton Park can be found the remains of a long barrow marked by a group of stones. The largest of these stones is known as the Hoar Stone and, like other similar stones in the county, is believed to carry a curse for any person who attempts to move the stone.

Should anyone be foolish enough to try, they won't be able to sleep until the stone is returned to its original position. According to Christine Bloxham's Folklore of Oxfordshire, some brave soul tried to disprove this belief by moving the stone but found themselves unable to sleep for three days and had to return the stone to its former position before they could get any rest.

Another somewhat contradictory belief is that if the stones are moved, they will roll back to their original position on their own.