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All Saints Faringdon

All Saints Faringdon

Photo: Ballista at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Headless Ghost of Hamilton Tighe

There are two possible stories of how a headless ghost came to haunt the churchyard at All Saints Faringdon.

A wicked stepmother

In the account that appears in Ingoldsby Legends, the ghost is that of a young naval officer named Hamilton Tighe whose wicked stepmother wanted him out of the way so that her own son could inherit the family fortune.

She achieved this by bribing the captain of her son's ship to orchestrate an 'accident' for him during a navel conflict with Spain. The captain managed to push the unfortunate Hamilton into the path of a Spanish cannonball, which took his head clean off his shoulders.

According to the legend, Hamilton's ghost appeared to his stepmother and her favoured son while they were on their way to his memorial service and the shock caused the woman to break down and confess her crime.

His ghost also apparently haunted the captain, appearing to him at his club in Bath.

The ghost of Hampton Pye

In the other version of the story that sticks a little bit closer to the historical facts, the young man is actually Hampton Pye, oldest son to Robert Pye and Anne Hampton.

Hampton was not popular with his parents, and when they discovered he had disobeyed their wishes and secretly married a barmaid, they forced him to join the navy where he was eventually killed in battle in 1702.

Whether he lost his head to a cannonball or by some more plausible means is not recorded. Hampton Pye would not have had the opportunity to haunt his parents, as they both died a year before he did.

Whichever version of the story is true, the ghost of a headless man was said to haunt the churchyard at Farington for many years until eventually, a priest managed to 'lay' his ghost via bell, book and candle.

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All Saints Faringdon, Church Street, Faringdon

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